CITIZENSHIP (American Citizen v. U.S. Citizen Under Collective Entity Rule

Freedom Documents

(For Frank ‘Austin’ England III) 
(Blog Master’s Note: One of the cases listed below was impossible to find, U.S. v. Anthony.  I did find reference to it.   It was against Susan B. Anthony and the reference is under ‘Table of Authorities’ Here. )

American Citizen or electing to proceed
as a U.S. citizen
Under the Collective Entity Rule


There appears to be a misunderstanding by most people in general as to the difference between a natural biological person and the artificial person created by the legislative process to gain control over the population in general. This document will explain that difference.

 John Joseph Smith, is a natural and thereby, biological flesh and blood, person, a creation of God.

JOHN JOSEPH SMITH, is an artificial person/U.S.citizen, resident/ citizen of the United States and thereby, out of necessity, created by the government for the express purpose to gain unilateral…

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